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Caicos Vacations has been founded as an island-based property management company, centered around the foundation of providing worthy hospitality and customer service. Said services include but are not limited to:

• Client Communication
• Third Party Marketing Strategizing
• Ground Maintenance
• Skilled Labor Triaging
• Digital and Social Platform Management
• Straightforward and Simplified Accounting
• Strata Corporation Management
• Budgeting
• Executive Committee Organization
• Legal Counsel Communication
• FSC Compliance Regulation
• Real Estate Value Growth Advisory

Caicos Vacations has built a team to include in house staff to oversee many of the day to day activities involved in
property management. CV will handle all matters within the company, listed above, with exception to legal retainer and skilled labor for maintenance or improvement. For this reason, CV continues to be cost effective, with a continued focus on a best possible return for home-owners, while providing the best possible service to guests and clients. We look forward to working with you and your property!

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